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Poster Design & Photography. Someday Hero. 2010.

Poster Design & Photography. Someday Hero. 2010.

Contains content not appropriate for young viewers.

Someday Hero. Short Film. 2010. 
Running Time:13:18.
Producer: Tony Rancich
Director/Co-Producer: Darcy Fray
DP: Jared Abrams
Editor: Philip Miller
Original Music: Ron Aniello
Art Director & Wardrobe: Skye Stewart-Short 

Starring: Jason DeVan, Tristan DeVan, Rich Baderinwa, Leah Couvelier, Sadie Stratton & Keilan Matthews.

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A biracial boy with an abusive father grows up to be an emotionally stunted superhero impersonator who struggles with the fear of confrontation on a daily basis. Emotionally crippled by the fear of conflict, the lead character Jack, chooses the ironic career path of a super hero impersonator which poses the question, do we choose our path in life or does it choose us? Ultimately, a series of events force Jack to make a life changing decision. 




CMJ Cinemini Festival Showcase @ Norwood Club
by Christine Griffin

Someday Hero begins with a moving scene of a boy dressed in a red superman cape tugging at his face like the Mario Party game where you can do just that, tug Mario’s face. Duh. The precious boy has a normal desire to dress up as a superhero as a young kid, but this desire manifest years later? Not a good look. Our protagonist walks around in public in his superman costume, and even his friend who he plays basketball with thinks it’s strange. Yet, the character marches on to entertain at a kids’ party and –Zow! – score a date, which is nice, as the plot often threads elements of our hero’s unsightly and upsetting childhood throughout. This was my personal favorite of the short films I saw. It was masterfully presented, edited, and aesthetically crisp. It was structurally organized in plot, and tugged at a whopping amount of heartstrings. So, if you’re ready for cute and slightly tragic, with an original music score, this is a fantastic film to watch. And, film to watch. Yaknowhamean.